World Financial Authorities Knew of the True State of Seychelles; The Democratic Party and other Opposition Elements Knew of the Nature Behind These Reports; AN OBSERVATION:

“Over the years…extensive government involvement in the economy has put a severe strain on public finances and private sector incentives. Since the mid 1990’s the government over spent on large infrastructure projects that were financed by short term commercial and domestic borrowing. High expenditures coupled with falling revenues since 1996, led to doubling of fiscal deficits. The government borrowed domestically to finance its high level of absorption, which led to broad money growth. In an economic environment characterized by extensive administrative controls on prices and maintenance of a non-market clearing exchange rates, the increase for liquidity resulted in high demand for imports and, therefore, foreign exchange. Severe scarcity of foreign exchange has led to difficulties in obtaining timely supplies of inputs, equipment, and spare parts, resulting in worsening economic performance.”

The above is but one extract from one source in what is now volumes and volumes of issues brought upon us by the ruling party in the Seychelles, the GICDF.

Talk is cheap is a common favorite saying. What one needs to do is deliver on that talk. The GICDF continues to talk and sometimes not, and succeeds in one area only, and that is continually not delivering to the people of the Seychelles.

Today there is still a sense of desperation. Go to any social event, family function, and you will it hear very loud and clear. The economy and the sense of moral and social decay within our society is topic number one!

The opposition did not create this situation

It was created by the GICDF who manipulated events since the arrival of the 3rd Republic to date.

The DP as the main opposition tried to influence from within and make changes. Gradual changes to systems, procedures, laws, that once embarked upon would have been very difficult for the GICDF to turn back on.

We were blocked by manipulative elements from within political extremes who wanted only what was either not theirs or what they sought, and that was power at any cost.

Today we are all witnesses to the systematic failures of the ruling party. Their disregard to the workings of the Assembly process within our parliament.

Political parties represent the people and yet time and again the peoples representatives within our system is time and time disregarded. By ‘rubbishing’ the opposition, the GICDF in turn ‘rubbish’the people.

Today the representatives of the people ask questions in the assembly. Why is it Honorable Minister that a foreigner can gain citizenship of our Republic by merely placing One Million USD as payment. After and when police authorities seek these new ‘citizens’ we are told that there will be no extradition because they are Seychelles citizens deserving of the protection of the Government?

Recall our intervention on aspects of the EDA and how we and other like minded elements were ridiculed.

The truth of the matter is that the GICDF has no true vision but remains a reactionary party. Their only true calling is to remain in power no matter what. Playing at democracy, manipulating all the way.

If today the government stands by alleged wanted criminals who bought their citizenship with the might Dollar or Euro, does that mean they are super-citizens?

Today this government stands by its citizen. Recall that once this very same government dragged patriots from their native land, and threw them on outbound planes with instructions never to return. How quickly their memories fade.

People of Seychelles need not despair any longer. We must wipe away the lies and fabrications and accusations made by a so called responsible party who controls our government. Today our society is faced with disillusionment from within.

Our headlines, family and friends says it all. Our crime rate climbs. More murders, more suicides, more acts of social despair.


Together we can achieve. Divided we remain on the path chosen for us by the GICDF. Do we really want to continue on that road or is it not time to get off the bus and walk for a little while choosing our own way?

God Bless Seychelles.